CRM that runs and plays with Google Apps

Mogo CRM - Welcome Screen
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Mogo CRM - Lead Screen
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MOGO CRM works with Google Apps domain accounts and user accounts. Enter your Google Apps account or email id. Welcome aboard!

  • Google Apps Integration
    • Google Mail
    • Google Contacts
    • Google Calendar
    • Google Docs
    • Google Voice
    • Recent conversations
    • Recent appointments
    • Recent calls
  • Sales Tips
    • Know who else in your company already knows your prospect
    • Advises the sales executive on available discounts and promotions
    • Automatic commission calculation
    • Deal scoring
    • Real time quotes
    • Opportunity management
  • Social Media Dashboard
    • Twitter Insights
    • Social tips-LinkedIn Integration
  • Data and Dashboards
    • Import / export data
    • Inline analytics
    • Color-coded interface for easy data filtering
    • Dashboard – provides simple layouts
    • File storage – 25GB
    • Auto archive of data
    • Account management
    • Manage products and services with prices, discounts and promotions
  • Marketing Tips
    • Manage marketing campaigns
    • Lead management
    • Organize and schedule pricing promotions
    • Manage/create lead capture webforms on your websites and/or landing pages
  • Administration Tools
    • Administrative tools
    • Define user access rights
    • Language support
    • Manage your org chart (Marketing and Sales)
  • MS Exchange
    • Exchange Mail
    • Exchange Contacts
    • Exchange Calendar
  • MS Outlook
    • Outlook Mail
    • Outlook Contacts
    • Outlook Calendar

CRM that runs and plays with Google Apps

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